Show: Moda Calida

Venue: Costa Melonaros, Gran Canaria

Producer: Barbara Mason

Choreographer: Oke Wambu

An outdoor amphitheatre on the coast of Gran Canaria was the location for Ben's first show using Flying Pig's Wholehog III. Although not the most stable of desks while programming, the Hog III performed faultlessly during the show which was broadcast live on Spanish TV.

In addition to the main stage rig comprising over forty Martin and Clay Paky fixtures,  a custom 2-channel radio DMX system from Essential Lighting - a version of the Avolites eDMX - was used to control a total of nine Studio Due City Colours illuminating the surrounding architecture. This included 3 City Colours uplighting the local "Faro" - lighthouse. 

The backdrop to the stage was the edifice of the Costa Melonaros Hotel, and some of the fixtures lighting this were on the building's roof, over 250m across water from the lighting desk. Happily Essential's radio system worked perfectly, with very little lining up required.

The lighting and sound for this show was provided as always by AudioVisual Canarias.