Big thanks to lighting crew supremo:

Sid Marchant (Gentleman Cricketer)

Louise Lunn (Yorkshire Lass)

Ewan J Cameron (Mark Knopfler's Dimmer Man)


Show: Lloyds Pharmacy

Venue: Stoneleigh Park Coventry

Producer: Lisa Lindsay Gale

Production Manager: Tony Perkins

The huge ugly space of Stoneleigh Park's Exhibition Hall No 2 was transformed for Lloyds Pharmacy's two day "One Vision" event in March 2005. The room multi-tasked as a gala dinner for 1300 people then following an overnight changeover became a raked theatre for conference. At the end of the conference a gauze dissolve revealed the full 74-piece Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra conducted by David Arnold, who performed an hour long "Last Night at the Proms" set.

Lisa and her clients gave me free creative rein to light the Orchestra as I saw fit with the only remit being to make it as "Sexy as Hell".

A full Bandit Lites rock and roll rig with 12 Mac 2ks, 24 Mac 600s, 12 Mac 500s over the audience and a full complement of ACLs and Molefays provided the means.