Show: Clotheshow Live 2004

Venue: Birmingham NEC

Creative Producer: Barbara Mason

Choreographer: Oke Wambu

Stylists: Steffi Frijling & Fran Lee

Set Designer: Patrick Donohue

Production Manager: Paul Devine

My third time at the NEC for Haymarket's Clotheshow Live. Patrick Donohue's set proved to be a joy to light, and 30 Thomas Pixeline fixtures provided the means to animate the set from within. Stage One's Alex McBride ran Q-Motion for the moving video screens and the louvred shutters which transformed into stairs for the finale.
As always the lighting for this show had to produce a full range of "looks", from atmospheric storm scene, to clean high-fashion, to full-on rock show with ACLS, banks of molefays and 12 of High-End's wicked X-spots shooting up through perspex panels in the stage.
30 Mac 600s, 12 Studio Beam PCs, 17 Mac 2ks and a handful of Atomic 3k strobes completed the technology spec. Control as ever was Hog II plus rock wing.

Once again ELP provided the system and Mark Gardiner and Miec Heggart kept it working perfectly for 33 shows in six days. 

Thanks also to my blinding spot crew; Rob, Curly, PP and Dean. Shake It!


Me with show producer, supermodel Erin O'Conner